Sunday, January 13, 2013

Why aren't we crying for God?

I started an online January scrapbook a few days ago. For every day of January I make a page in a book to describe my day, special events, amazing friends, conversations, or anything that really pops into my head really. Today while I was writing about my Mom and brother leaving from staying with me since Thursday and how I cried when she left the thought crossed my mind, Why aren't we crying for God in that way?

Let's rewind a few years, I am back in High School with my "I am better than my mom" attitude, and moved out because we didn't get along the way I wanted to get along. Mom and I was not close at all. I never told her secrets, I hid everything from her. She was my mother and was to never be my best friend. Now fast forward a few years and it is my first year in college (last year). Mom and I got really close because we are far apart. All we needed was so space between us and a little bit of age on me, to really realize how important my mom is in my life and how lost I would be without her.

Our relationship with God (for most people) is about the same way. We have the phase when we are little where we really don't know much and God is pretty cool guy. I mean he loves us, what more can a child ask for. Then we grow up just a little bit and he is no longer the "Cool Guy". Instead it is all of the sinful desires of the world that strike our interests. We push God away and forget that he even exists. Reality hits and we come to our senses that Christ is really what we need in our lives. Now we are at the same point. All of us. We know Christ is suppose to be in our lives, and we should worship only Him. Yes that is nice, and dandy, but we all have those moments when the world comes back into focus and God goes out of focus. You all know what I am talking about. We start to slip off the Jesus High.

When my mom was leaving today (and any other time I leave) I cry. I cry like a baby that is stuck in the nursery with people he has never seen before and mom waves and walks out that door around the corner out of sight. Today I came back into my house and cried for quite a while. (I know I am 19 and crying when my mom leaves me. A little weird) I now realize that it is because I grew so close to my mom that it hurts to see her leave. She is just an hour away and a phone call away. I know this but it still hurts. When we start to slip off our Jesus High... Why aren't we crying for God? Why aren't we crying for him, that he (really us) is drifting away. He doesn't want us falling away from him but we do it, and most of the times it almost seems like it doesn't matter to us. If we are truly trying to build this intimate relationship with Christ, just like I have with my mom, then why aren't we reaching for him not to leave our side. Why do we push away, go the opposite way, take a different turn, decide our way is better?

MY CHALLENGE: (for not only you, but for me) Yearn for Him, Cry out for the Lord. When you start falling off that Jesus High, jump right back up. He doesn't want to see you go, but we choose to go. Choose to stay this time. To take his advice. Go the way he wants you to go even if you don't think it is the BEST choice. He knows what is best for us, He made us.

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God Bless!

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