Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What are you giving?

Last night I laid down at about 8 to go to sleep since I was planning on getting up at 5 this morning. I was laying in bed tossing and turning because I couldn't go to sleep. Normally I would just lay there or turn on Netflix until I fall asleep, but last night was different. There was this sense of incompleteness and heavy burden on my heart. I decided to get up, I turned on pandora, and walked around my room multiple times singing praise songs and weeping. Then names started to pop in my head that I needed to pray for. I have this little white board on my wall in my room and for some reason I never wrote my schedule up there so I jotted down all oft he names that came to mind that needed prayer. I then just started praying, and journaling, and praising God.

When I was journaling last night at this time, the thought came to mind that God owes us nothing, yet gives us everything. We owe God everything, yet give him nothing. My question to you is, WHAT ARE YOU GIVING? It is kind of a vague question but the answers are limitless. What are you doing to please God? What are you giving back to God for what he has done for you? As I am typing this, I am asking myself the same question. What am I doing to honor God? What am I doing here on my campus to show God's love to each and every person that I meet? WHAT AM I GIVING? We should be asking ourselves these questions every single day when we wake up. Give yourself an answer and DO IT! Don't just say, "I'll do that tomorrow" or "Ahh I don't have to do that". Is that pleasing to God?

I was really bad about this as a teenager. "Oh God if you just wake me up good in the morning I will get up and read your word" Morning comes, I wake up on time and pretty good, decide that I want more sleep so I go back to sleep. What is that saying to God? How am I giving anything to God when I go back to sleep instead of digging into his word? Being a Christian and living out the life is a sacrifice.  We have to sacrifice things that sometimes hurts. It may hurt for a little while but Joy will come in the morning! God has his rewards for you! How important is sleep when there are lives out there dying every day that don't know Christ. That are not Christians. That have never heard his name. WHAT ARE WE DOING AS A GROUP OF BELIEVERS? We seem to think that we know Jesus and that is enough. We are going to heaven so we are in the clear. You are not! Reach to those around you. They are just as important as you with knowing Christ.

I have to ask again....


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