Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Long Time, No See

Dear Bloggers,

It has been a while since I have typed a new post. It has been on my planner for a good two months, so I guess it is finally time to actually post something, huh?

My life has been, what you could say, hectic yet calm. I am super busy with babysitting, and working the nursery, yet I feel like I don't have anything to do. Maybe it is because when I babysit, it is two-twelve year olds and they pretty much take care of themselves. It's not bad work just tiring. The kids tend to wear me out just about every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but that's what they are suppose to do right?

Yesterday, my brother came to live with me for 5 days. I haven't got to really spend much time with him yet, but I will tomorrow and the next day! He got in trouble at work today, and while the lady was explaining to me what happened I broke down in tears. I know I shouldn't have, and that was not professional as his care taker but all the emotions started flowing and I couldn't stop them. I was already upset with the fact that my dad doesn't seem to care that my brother looks up to him as much as he does, and doesn't act like he wants to ever see my brother. Then they brought up possible assault charges against my special needs brother. Needless to say, I broke down. I am already an extremely emotional person, and so this was not helping. I'm not even completely sure why I completely broke down, but I did.

On a different note, my devotional every morning has been so challenging. It's suppose to, right?!? Well it sure is. This morning it was about getting rid of the excess in our lives, the things that we could live without, and that might be tearing us down. Also, it was challenging you to get rid of the neutral things as well. The things that aren't building you up but aren't tearing you down, because obviously if it isn't building you up it can only take you one way. I have done a lot of evaluating the last 13-14 hours about what those two things consist of. I have come up with a lot of things and will post a new blog about it tomorrow (hopefully).

Sorry this was more informational on my life instead of spiritual. I felt like I needed to catch up with you all first, so you would know how the spiritual is relating to my life.

God Bless,

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