Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Typical Tuesday.

Part of the title I would say is true, the other part not so much. Yes it is Tuesday, or it was about an hour ago, but it was FAR from typical. We have had a group of Chi Alpha students from University of Louisiana, Lafayette here on our campus for the past few days. They are on Mardi Gras break right now so they sent their group out through Texas to help reach to other campus'. It has been a great opportunity that these others leaders have not only poured into our campus but have poured into our Chi Alpha Leaders. Sometimes, as a leader I forget that I need to be poured into as well. I spend so much time pouring into others that I forget about myself.

It is so cool to look at the last 2 years to see how much I have changed, then to look at a year, and now to look back just in the past few days to see where I have grown. By this I mean not only spiritually, but also personally, socially. I was able to go out onto my campus here, where I will see the same people for the next 3 years and I talked to random people. Asking them "if they had a prayer request that would be answered what would it be?" And also asking for "their opinion of past generations and current generations, how they have changed in religion sense." It was such a growing experience for myself and many others in Chi Alpha. I was able to see other students who aren't "leaders" stepping up and doing these as well (called 2x2s). We even had a few come for Cajun Night, along with service because of us reaching out to our campus just in a couple days. God is starting change right NOW! I am so honored to be a part of this plan for SFASU.

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