Monday, June 17, 2013

To all of you guys out there!

To all of the guys out there, 

I know I am young, I do not have kids, not even married, but this was placed on my heart tonight and thought I would share my thoughts. 
Whether you are a father yet, or not to that point in your life. 
Most men when they have a boy, they instantly start thinking of all of the "manly" things they can do together. Go fishing, hunting, and playing sports. I have heard many stories of men when they find out they are having a girl, while they are excited, their heart sort of skips a beat, because they know nothing about little girls. From my past experience I just want to let you know a few things that will mean a lot to your daughter, that you might not have thought of or would even think would mean a thing to them. 
1) Let her dance on your feet. She will remember this, I promise! She will remember saying "Dance with me daddy" and you letting her stand on your feet while you spun her around and around. I know it is something simple, but you will see that it brings joy to her eyes, and will talk about it years and years down the road. 
2) Take her fishing, hunting, play sports with her. Start at a young age, show her you want to spend time with her. She might squeal at getting dirty, and cry because you killed a fish, but she will remember these precious memories with you taking time and spending it with her. 
3) Whether she is into sports, band, dance, gymnastics or riding horses. Go to her events. Be the loudest in the crowd! Don't be ashamed. You might embarrass her in the moment, but in the long run she will remember her dad being the loudest EVER in the crowd at her events. It will be a cool story to tell her kids. 
4) Take her out once a month on a "father-daughter" date. Do something she wants to do. It might be something you really like, like bowling, but it might also be shopping or getting a pedicure. Show her she is special and let it be 'her' night. Get to know her, before you blink she will be all grown up. Those years as a child/teen are precious, don't waste the moments. 
5) When she is around and even when she is not, treat other women with respect. How you treat other women, is going to be what she takes from guys when she is older and dating, and looking for a spouse. I know you want her to find someone who treats her with respect so treat other women with respect. 

Again, just my thoughts and what has been on my heart. I might be way off, but from my perspective as a woman and daughter, these are some things that I wish I would have experienced, things I could tell my kids someday. I promise, they will mean more to your daughter than you could ever imagine. 

A daughter

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